Luxurious Beauty is Engraved Concrete
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About Us


Concrete engraving lasts the life of the concrete. The process consists of picking the patterns or templates required and mechanically engraving them into the surface of the concrete. Stain is applied either prior to or after the pattern or template is engraved. The engraving cuts can also be stained to add definition to the pattern. Finally the entire area is washed and then sealed by using either solvent or water-based sealers or a clear epoxy coat. Sacrificial coats of either floor finish or poly-urethane can be added to further protect the artwork. For exterior projects a non-skid additive is added to the sealer to enhance traction for moist conditions as any sealers on concrete can make the surface slick when wet.

Our Company

Adept Concrete Engraving was formed in 2010 to meet the growing consumer demand for decorative concrete finishes. Along with its sister company Adept Concrete Coatings Ltd., all manner of decorative concrete finishes can be done to old or new concrete. We are a Southern Alberta based business and take pride in our work. We currently cover Southern Alberta, South-eastern British Columbia and South-western Saskatchewan. Customer service and satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business. We offer no charge estimates in Southern Alberta and have custom software to produce mock-up pictures of your project so you can see it before work commences. Give us a call or email a picture to one of our concrete artisans today!

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